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Thread: My 2009 After Effects showreel

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    Default My 2009 After Effects showreel

    Hi guys, finally got round to putting together a showreel of my recent after effects work, and wondered what you thought of it?

    Constructive crits most welcome!

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    I am always interested in After Effects work as it is such an amazing program but there is no video showing on screen at present.

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    Nice effort!
    Favourite bit, simple though it was in comparison to some of the other stuff, was the cat!
    Well done.

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    I find this quite difficult to comment on. After Effects is a program I lust after but have no experience of using. I therefore don't know how hard or otherwise some of these effects are to create.

    I enjoyed watching the show reel and I love your music choice which works really well.

    Some of the effects don't look real enough to me, e.g. the young girls face with the distorted left eye. I would say the same about the man and boy being shot/struck against the wall. Set those against the more subtle effect of the veins on the face of the man with the bleeding hand which was very convincing. Clearly not all clips were meant to be serious or realistic as we see with the flying drainer.

    I suppose its the mix of effects (serious and fun) that makes it difficult to decide at what level are you pitching?

    Having said all of this I shudder to think what I could produce if let loose on this program.

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