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    Hay, I'm new too all of this and just need a little help

    i have one video and one audio track. (Audio from the video is muted)

    What i wont to do is make the video invert it's colours to the beat of the music.

    What would be the easiest way to do this?

    So it's kinda hard to explain, ill upload a little video to show u what i mean later on.

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    Hi Vaer0

    What editing suite are you using plz?

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    Song Vagas Pro 8.0b Build 217

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    Well, whilst I am far from being a master of this program. The best way I can think of to achieve your desired effect is with simple key framing (this is a very universal method and should be just as applicable to Vegas as any other suite):

    1 - Choose your desired effect (from your description its what I know as Solarize in Premiere Pro but may be called something else in Vegas)
    2 - Place keyframes at the first two beats in the soundtrack and set the effect to the desired appearance at each key (i.e. On - Off or 0% - 100%)
    3 - Copy these first two keys to the following two beats.
    4 - There you have a finished effect for a four bar - just copy and paste that along your video as required.

    Hope this helps, unfortunately my experience in editing has taught me one thing above all else - there is very rarely a quick fix that works as well as you want!

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    Heres what i have so far...... can u kinda see what im trying to do?

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    That does look like the effect I was thinking of - kind of like a photograph negative (it is actually called Inversion on Vegas 9.0 - I just checked!)

    The way it appears on that link is that there is a series of shots; some with the effect applied and others without. The shots are cut one to the next (i.e. no transitions).

    How did you achieve the effect in that clip? Chances are that's the best way to continue maybe?

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    first i got the orignal clip and saved it as it is, then i used an effect on it called "invert" i then saved that. So now i have 2 video files, one with not effect and one with the effect.

    Next i loaded both videos into the media maninger alone with the audio file i am using. Then i just cut sections from both to go with the music.

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    That being the case, then yes: I would say that you're already doing it the most effective way - especially given that you already have the two version of the video.

    If that wasn't the case I would refer back to my first suggestion about keyframing but, what can I say: welcome to the wonderfully monotonous world of video editing!

    P.S. The clip you posted looks great so far!

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    Ok, Thanks =]

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    You're creating more work than necessary by creating the "inverted"video.

    There are at least four other simple ways of doing it:

    Just off teh top of my head....

    Method one.
    Place the SAME video on two tracks.***
    On the upper track apply the FX to the TRACK OR the VIDEO event.
    Use the "S" key (split) and delete to REMOVE the parts that you don't want inverted.

    Method two
    Place the SAME video on both tracks.
    On the upper trackapply the FX to the TRACK (on the track header NOT the event)
    Click on "show automation controls" (the thing that looks like a cog on the track header)
    Then click the track "Mute" button each time you want to toggle the track between visible and invisible.

    Method three
    Place the SAME video on both tracks.
    On the upper trackapply the FX to the TRACK (on the track header NOT the event)
    Right click the track header of the upper track and select Insert/Remove Envelopes and select "Composit Level".
    You can now use the composite envelope eaxactly as you would use a volume envelope on sound to fade in/out the opacity of the upper track.

    Method four
    (applies where the effect allows it, such as this one)
    Place the SAME video on both tracks.
    On the upper track apply the FX to the TRACK (on the track header NOT the event)
    In the FX windows apply keyframes at each point you want to change the FX.
    Make sure the keyframe type is set to HOLD in each case.
    On each keyframe change the "Blend" amount from 100% to 0% or vice versa.

    *** Quickest way to do this is place your video (and audio) on the timeline, right-click the track header of the video track and select "Duplicate Track"

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