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    Hi together

    I've a little question. Well I've made a video which is 14min long.
    But I want now, that when it opens in a player, it shows that the video is only for example 9 minutes long.
    How can I do that?
    Is there an option, where I can define, for instance, 1sec = 2sec? Or something similar.

    Reason: Maybe it's a little trivial, but I want to upload it on youtube, and the limit is 10minutes.

    Nevertheless Hope somebody can help me.

    Many thanks

    Why I come to this idea? Because I can remember, when downloading films from the internet, I had among them several files, which showed a lenght about 30min, but the film was 130 minutes long.
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    I don't want to get your hopes up with an answer to your question - but I'd love to hear it myself if there is one!

    The best I can suggest is as I do at present and chop the video into parts 1 & 2 then upload them seperately with a cross link on the YouTube channel.

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