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    I'm not sure which forum to use, so mods, if I'm in the wrong place, please move to wherever it belongs.
    Currently I'm looking for a camcorder for my wife. Looked in the 'usual suspects' lineup: Sony, Panasonic, Canon...
    I wonder if there're any that can do the following (with additional hw/sw help) :
    record in HD
    transfer to PC
    edit/compile a movie
    put that movie back onto SD and stick it back to the camcorder
    connect the camcorder to HDTV and watch the movie in HD resolution

    Thanks in advance for any input.


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    Depending on what your budget is, that will put certain cameras within your range and the rest outside your range. 600 will get you a Canon HF200 which shoots HD and records onto memory card, this price is about the entry level and goes up from here.

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