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Thread: Advice please, on new PC

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    Default Advice please, on new PC


    I'm new to this boards, and indeed to video editing.

    I am planning to build my own PC for editing only, no gaming or other such nonsense. I have experience of building so I'm pretty confident....I recently bought a JVC Everio HD HDD camera.

    I am however, on a budget, and am looking to add bits over time as and when I can afford it. I have spare monitors, and IDE HDD's and DVD writers knocking about so the most important thing would be the processor and motherboard.

    I was thinking of getting this...

    Buy High End INTEL Motherboard Bundle from CCL - Online Retailer of the Year 2008, 2007 & 2006 for laptops, desktops and computer hardware

    Would I then need a graphics card on top?
    Is this a decent starting point?, and in future, I'll go for SATA drives

    Any advice gratefully received.


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    As you have a HD camera, I would presume you will want to edit HD footage. A duel core chip in my opinion is not really good enough to do that. What you can do is make sure the mother board will take a quad core chip then get the dual core to start with. You will be able to edit Standard def. and maybe low end high def. Then when you get more money upgrade to the better chip.

    You shouldn't need a separate graphics card unless you are doing 3D transitions or effects in your editing. However, I would never consider not having a separate Graphics card. As when it comes to editing HD every little bit of processing power you can get helps to keep the work flow smoother and easier to handle.

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    thanks mate,

    good advice. And you're right, with a HD camera I do want do edit in HD, maybe not yet, but I want a clean upgrade path to that ability. In the meantime Standard def is fine.

    Regarding the quad board, is this the sort of thing you mean?

    **OVERCLOCKED** Motherboard Bundle ( Asus P5P43TD Motherboard + Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400 CPU (O/C @ 3.4Ghz) + G-Skill 4Gb DDR3 1600Mhz Memory + OCZ Gladiator CPU Cooler)

    Sorry to sound dumb but there seems to be a million different chip and mb types...i'm trying to do the background reading but its, well, huge!

    Surely the bundle (mb, chip, memory, fan) is the best way to go?

    Many thanks for your help.


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    I understand where your coming from. It's a daunting task to read up on all the stuff out there. I tend to look at the reviews from CNET as they seem to do a good thorough job and I like to like for like performance comparisons. I am just about to go down this route as I need to upgrade, so I don't really feel qualified in recommending "specifics" BUT generally speaking the sort of thing you have linked to in your last post looks like it should do the job just fine.

    I see you have 4Gb of fast memory this is good and a point I forgot to mention in my last post. It's been said many times in these and other forums about having 4Gb of memory for editing HD.

    Good luck.

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    very kind of you. i'll keep checking these boards, maybe one day i'll be able to help soemone out.

    have fun

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    What is your budget?

    If you can go down the i7 route with 6gb or ram.

    IDE hard drives are touch and go depending how old they are,some are faster than others, the majority of them are 5400rpm and that's not fast enough.

    I have enclosed a zip file for you to look at with some products listed that i would recommend.

    These are ordered in price and are all very capable machines.

    Option 1 - Will do native AVCHD editing
    Option 2 - Will do native AVCHD but these processors are
    fairly new and performance may not be worth the price
    Option 3 - Will do simple edits with native AVCHD, transcoding
    would be best and no problems with HDV
    Option 4 - Will edit HDV and DV but will struggle editing AVCHD native
    Option 5 - Better value than option four with minimal performance hit.

    Just so you know i actually have a rig similar to Option 5 and use it regularly but i work mainly on an i7 machine.

    Link -

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    wow. thats such a helpful attachment. my budget is based primarily on the amount i can get away with spending before my girlfriend shrieks 'you spent how much, on what!?'

    Or about £400.

    I understand what you mean about using old IDE HDDs, and speed aside, if I go for the latest MB they only seems to accept SATA anyway, so that's made that decision. I guess I'll caddy the old drives for back ups.

    Regarding HDD, having 2 seems to be the norm, but they're not bank breakers so I'll live with the cost.....

    One final question - monitors. As you know they are expensive, I've got a 14 inch (i think) flat screen and a 32inch samsung LCD TV (hidef). Would it be practical to use the monitor for most things, switching to the TV occasionally?

    thanks again - this is the most helpful forum i've seen.


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    I couldn't open the zip file for some reason. No matter, I'm doing my own research on a new PC. When I built my last one a about five years ago it was like giving birth. BUT it was worth the effort to get the best parts I could afford at the time because it has been very stable with good performance. AND it's lasted me five years, which is old in PC years !

    I use my 32" TV as my everyday monitor. So long as you can get a pixel for pixel match it's a good alternative to expensive large monitors. Like I said in an earlier post. It gives me the opportunity to see what the finished product will look like at the editing stage, as most of my work ends up on a DVD to be see on a TV.

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    i can access the file but it's too big for me to fit onto the forum unfortunatly.

    using a HD monitor is okay if it has a monitor input otherwise you are limited to 1920x1080 which isn't a very high resolution resulting in little screen real estate.

    To start of with a cheep monitor will do and as you get some money you can upgrade.

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    thanks again - smashing advice.

    MidnightBlue...seems odd you cant open the attached? 'tis a normal zip?? but in fairness, it was a pricing guide for different options - totally useful for the noob, but you probably already know it.

    i think i'm going to go for the i7 top of the range option, what with HDD and ram being so cheap these days. As you suggest the monitor can wait.

    i can't bloody wait!

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