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Thread: 'Tearing' when things move quickly on screen on DVD??

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    Default 'Tearing' when things move quickly on screen on DVD??


    Have just got a new PC and am having problems with the final DVD.

    After editing footage (from XM2) in Lets Edit (Lets Edit RT capture card - Canopus) and buring it to DVD the final picture seems to 'tear' on sections that are moving (e.g. if car moves across screen). On the edit interface on my PC these problems aren't visable. Any solutions (or where is an earlier thread that answers this question?)? DVD buring software is ULead DVD Movie Factory 2 SE

    Also don't know why but no sound has come out either? Any ideas?

    Many thanks


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    The only thing I can suggest is to check your project settings in movie factory (although it is possible that the problem occurred when you originally rendered the movie using Lets Edit). Anyway, if your movie is under one hour use the following settings (these settings are for PAL adjust accordingly for NTSC),

    1. Hold down the ALT key and press G

    2. Select Disc Template Manager

    3. Select High Quality (8000kbps, 60 min per DVD) and click the Edit button

    4. Click the Compression tab

    5. Set the Video data rate: to variable 8000kbps

    6. Set the Audio value to LCPM

    7. CLick the OK button then the Close button

    8. Continue your project to completion

    9. Enjoy

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the advice although these settings were already set up :(

    Any further pearls of wisdom from anyone?

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