I'm using Vegas 6 and DVD Arch 3.0, latest updates. A series of 10 music videos is under three menus: 1-By order performed, 2 is by alpha Title, and the third is a sub-menu set where each artist has a photo link and a sub menu with only their tunes. Each menu has a 'Play All' option that links to a playlist.

Each video 'End Action' is set to the corresponding menu, next item on the list, as is the Menu button in Remote Buttons. The links execute perfectly in Preview mode, each link goes exactly where it should, but when I burn a DVD, the Next button takes me back to the top of the selected video, NOT the next in line or back to the menu (which is what happens in Preview.)

Next step was to rename each video insertion, so Performance of Blue Bossa, for example is pBluebossa, whereas the same video linked on the Title Order page is tBluebossa, and A1Bluebossa on the Artist pages. I have verified that each object including playlist items, are only selecting the appropriate link object.

Nevertheless, though it works correctly in preview mode, the actual DVD does not. The 'Next' button returns to the start of the selected file, not the next one or the menu next item as expected. The videos play fine when selected, it's just the end actions that don't work.

What am I missing? I have done this before without issue, but now it is off the wall with no hint as to what I have done wrong. Any ideas appreciated.