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Screenwriting 1.
Screenwriting 2.
Television Writing (Sitcom and Drama).
Sketch Comedy.

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Screenwriting 1:
Students can log in to post assignments, chat and receive feedback 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Class Description:
Each student will have the opportunity to create their very own SCREENPLAY.
Working screenwriters will share multiple approaches to formats, genre structures, creating outlines, lead and supporting characters, scenework, pacing, building suspense, rewrites, finding agents and pitching.

Our instructors will cover all of the elements of writing a professional screenplay. Each dynamic will be shared in detail.

Topics will include:
-Finding an Idea that will work.
-Writing in pictures.
-Genre formats.
-3 act structure.
-Creating characters.
- Dramatic sequences.

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"Thank you so very much! It was a pleasure. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, inside knowledge and ideas." A. McInnis.

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