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    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum so go easy on me

    I have a Sony HC90E MiniDV camcorder. I have transfered loads of hours onto my PC but I have one major problem!!

    The size of the files! The data size is so huge its not possible to burn the film to one DVD. I know I must be missing something but what is it?

    Do I need some data compression software that will allow me to get the film on DVD without sacrificing picture quailty.

    I'm not a techy so any advice is greatly appreciate.

    Cheers guys,


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    What usually happens when you transfer video onto the hard disk is you next edit it as no one really wants to sit through hours of endless waffle. All the wonky shots, the person talking over the shots and anything that can be left on the cutting room floor have to go. In other words you have to be ruthless with the video you recorded and only keep the good parts.

    Doing that you will cut down the four or five hours you recorded to a more reasonable length and you will trim each of the remaining scenes to about 4 to 5 seconds. To get your finished masterpiece onto a dvd you need to use compression in the form of mpeg2 which is contained in the settings in your video editing/dvd authoring software. Just out of curiosity how big are the files on your hard disk?

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    Thanks for the advice so far, the files are from raw tape and are 8 x 1.465 Gig! I used some sort of Nero software to transfer the video to the Hard Drive.

    Some of the files are only 13 minutes long but are still 1.465 Gig which I find a bit odd!

    Any further advice is greatly appreciate.

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