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Thread: Sony Vegas pro 9.0,9a or 9b

  1. Default Sony Vegas pro 9.0,9a or 9b

    Which version is to prefer??? I am running 9.0 now. There is some strange behaviours sometimes.

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    Does anyone know if it is good to install Vegas Pro 9.0b or is there bigger problems with it than 9.0? Very thankful for response on this.

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    Thanks a lot Z Cheema

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    What are the "strange behaviours" in VP9 you notice in your workflow? It is always about our particular workflow.

    9b DID cure the missing text options and Pan/Crop rotation defocus that appeared in 9a. In 9b 2nd Monitor Prerenders are squished and are black and white. OK, from my experience with SONY, I'm real sure that SONY will correct this sooner rather than latter.

    So, the decision is yours! "Open the Box or Take the money?" But, if the Text thing is an issue for you go with VP9b. If the 2nd Monitor Prerenders thing is more important to you then stay at VP9a. If both these are equally important to you, and your workflow, what can I say??
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