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    I'm brand new here and I'm really into filming and editing so here's a video I made of a friend just a couple of days ago. it doesnt interpret 3:33 at all but i thought i would just enter for fun anyway.

    sorry for the shaky handheld shots, i didn't take my home made glidecam with me that day
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    Whist I can only begin to appreciate the skill that goes into that, I really hope you think long and hard about the consequenses of cycling along the top of a wall that bounds a major road like that.

    If he should fall off and kill yourself that's his own lookout. But I feel for the motorist who through no fault of his own drives over him. Or those who try to avoid him and cause another fatal accident. They will be scarred for life.

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    That was a well made film with some great shots. I liked the way you focussed up close on various items and panned to the action. You maybe did it a little too often though. As for the bit by the road I am with Tim. Risk your own neck fine but not others. Mind you if he had been killed your little film would have been great evidence in the defence of the poor driver who squashed him. Stay lucky.

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    we actually were being mindful of the traffic and we waited until there were very few cars passing. in reality it was a good 1.5-2 metres between any passing cars and the wall. plus mal is an experienced rider and he was well aware of the risk he was taking and he knew he wasnt going to fall in front of a car. also it was not my idea to ride on that wall, i was simply just filming wat he wanted to do. im sorry for any uneasy feelings this may have caused.

    oh and thanks for the nice comments about the rest of the video

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