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Thread: Advanced question about Vegas! Need help!

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    I want to make a movie similar to cloverfield (Point of view sight) and ofcourse this will be quite shaky. I want to put a spaceship in the air while the person is running. Ofcourse to keep this nice on the screen I can move the spaceship frame for frame for the good position but.. Is there an easier way to do this?

    Hope for a reply!
    Best Regards!

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    Have you considered motion tracking for this?

    It can still be a fairly labourious task and may require a lot of tweaking depending on how smooth you need to get the image, but it could certainly save you several hours of keyframing.

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    Motion tracking is exactly what the OP needs. But unfortunately Vegas doesn't have that. I presume that was why he (it's normally a he - especially with spaceships) asked the question.

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    Forgive me, I am still largely unfamiliar with Vegas - my editing experience lies with CS3 - I only really use the Sony suite for authoring. I don't know what - if anything - is available to make this facility in Vegas, if it turns out to be the only solution then I'd suggest After Effects - for which there are a number of easy to follow tutorials available online.

    Best of luck with it

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