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    HI, My problem is next - I had about 40GB of AVCHD video on my PC from my tour to my grandfather's village. I had to transfer all the files on discs but I had only regular DVD discs, It took me about 10 DVDs and I used "PictureMotionBroser" software. Now I didn't port it from AVCHD to DVD VIDEO and when i started to burn I had a message that I need special hardware to play AVCHD files on regular DVD discs. Now after I burned all my videos I put one of the DVD's into my DVD-ROM and it's empty. PLEASE HELP!!!!! I deleted the files my camcorder allready and my DVD's are the only source of my videos.

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    What you probable made was a AVCHD DVD which is a Blue-ray DVD, there are no DVD players that will play them you need a blue-ray player, something like a Sony Play Station 3, what you might find is your computer might not see them either unless you have a blue-ray reader on your computer, it's just possible something like IsoBuster will be able to read the files on the DVD's.
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