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Thread: Microphone queries ???

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    Default Microphone queries ???

    Hi again all,

    Can anybody give me a late xmas present by telling me the best way for doing voice overs-narration..?? I have no mic input in my pc but have been told to get a usb style microphone.

    Which of these would you suggest..??
    Are they any good..??
    Any other idea's..??

    Cheer's all


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    What PC do you have then? My guess it that it's an old 286 box before multimedia came to the forefront.

    Seriously though, are you sure there are no little jack p,ugs on it anywhere? How do you get sound out of it? Strange thing a PC with no sound card.

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    I think Millsy's saying that there is a strong possibilty your PC does have a mic input. Yhis may well double as a lineout for the rear speakers or subwoofer, and will probablyy be in blue next to the green line out. It will be denoted by an arrow pointing into a circle.

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