Hi folks,

For seemingly no reason whatsoever, the mini dv cassette chamber on my Sony HVR A1E will no longer drop back down into the camera? I opened the chamber carefully the other day to swap a tape over, clicked it shut, pushed the door across gently as usual, but the chamber refuses to drop. Interestingly, a few seconds after pushing the door across gently (as mentioned above), the tape eject mechanism opens up, so there is some motor activity going on, just not the activity that I'm after!

Anyone else experienced this before? If so, any ideas?

I've spoken to Sony in the UK who will offer a guaranteed repair on any fault with a further 1 year warranty for 480 + Vat which is pretty extortionate to say the least and well out of my price range.

Any thoughts / suggestions etc. would be gratefully received.

NB: There's no 'error message' or code appearing on the LCD screen when I turn the camera on.

Thanks for your help folks.