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Thread: wrong music on wedding video

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    Default wrong music on wedding video

    Hi im looking for help. The problem is my son had his wedding video done by so called profesonals but instead of using the music he asked for they just put on some clasical stuff when he complaind they did'nt want to know they had had there money and that was it.
    Up to now i have got the video on windows movie maker, on a time line split into clips but the music dose not appear as a seperate item and is on every clip is it possable to get rid of this music and add the music that my son and his wife had asked for.
    My video making skills are very very basic and if anyone can help me i would like the instructions so that a rank novice can understand. Thanks

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    Hi Phil - WMM allows audio editing i.e. reducing audio on the main audio and adding your own at the right level.
    I don't use it, but a search through the WMM help should put you on the right track.
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    Thanks for your reply zero
    I can reduce the sound level on wmm and add my own music but when i reduce the sound level i also reduce the sound of the voices.
    I would prefer it if possable to remove the exsisting music altogether.

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    This is what you need to do:

    Make sure you are on time line view.
    Add the video track
    Add the required audio track
    Right click the video audio track and select mute.

    This will leave the video pictures but remove the sound, leaving your choice of music playing only to the video.

    Oops, I just realised this will get rid of all the sound from the video. So this won't work for you. Sorry. You either need a copy of the raw footage. Or you could ask for a copy of the finished video without any music, they will want to charge you for this, then put on your own music.
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    Quote Originally Posted by philjory View Post
    I would prefer it if possable to remove the exsisting music altogether.
    Are you saying you have a completed video with the unwanted music and the voices which you do want - ie the voices and music are mixed?

    If so, I'm afraid you've no realistic chance of just removing the music.

    It might be theoretically possible, if you could get exactly the same music (and I mean EXACTLY the same recording), put that on another audio track and then invert it so that it would "subtract" one from the other leaving just the voice. This might be an interesting exercise but I couldn't begin to pedict how successful it might be. Must try it one day.

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    DO you have the T&C, to see what they should be doing, if you asked for it then you should get it, there may be copyright issues or something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Z Cheema View Post
    DO you have the T&C, to see what they should be doing, if you asked for it then you should get it, there may be copyright issues or something else.
    what do you mean by T&C

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    what do you mean by T&C

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    T&C - Terms and conditions of the contract between yourself and the videographer.

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    It sounds to me like your son asked for copyrighted music but wasn't willing to pay the extra for the licence (or the pro just refuses to use copyrighted music). In which case the pro used licence-free music.

    Bear in mind that (purely theoretically, playing Devil's advocate here) you can't just add Robbie Williams (or whoever) to your wedding video without paying for the rights nor can you use the videographer's images without his permission.

    I'm not saying "Don't do it" I'm just sticking up for the videographer a bit.

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