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Thread: In the mood for pizza: Canon 7D

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    [ame=]NYC Pizza: Canon 7D on Vimeo[/ame]

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    I'm very impressed with the Canon 7D. The quality of the image is amazing. With the DoF you can get it makes it very "film like".

    I'm a little confused as you credited 5 different places at the end of the movie but to me it all seemed like the same place. Can you tell me if there was a message to the movie or was it just to show various pizza place around your neighbourhood ?

    I enjoyed looking at it just from the point of view of the quality of the image.

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    different pizza in my neighborhood. no message. mixed the clips up to keep it interesting.

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    Some great images in there. How do you go about this then, just walk in and ask if you can film? Its a picture rich environment. Nice use of reflections and that camera is real nice. I enjoyed it and it certainly made me want a pizza!

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    What can I say. A slick little movie.

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