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    Hello, I would appreciate any help possible with this. I will try to explain it the best I can. I am a rookie at this; I am using my camcorder Sony DCR-DVD308 and a DVD-RW disc.

    After taking some video, I installed the DVD into my computer and tried to upload onto a edit makers. I actually tried it with three different ones and had the same result. Wondershare Ripper, Coral Video Studio 12, and Windows Movie Maker.

    They are saying things like "path does not exist", the file D/Video...does not support the file type. I do not know if it is something about the way I format or finalize disc? I was able to use the programs when I used the DVD-R. I was able to bring it in the program without a problem. Now since I used the DVD-RW, I can not get them in the programs.

    Thank you for your help

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    Did you finalize the disc before you took it out of the camcorder? Can you see any files on the disc folder structure that have .vob as an extension? Did you initialise the disc when you put it into the camcorder before use? Try another disc in the camcorder and follow the correct setup for it.

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    I will try your recommendations...I appreciate your reply

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