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Thread: 2hr 30min onto 4.7 dvd??? help

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    Default 2hr 30min onto 4.7 dvd??? help

    i have 2hr 30minutes of footage and i need to get it on to 1 dvd disk not dual layer. so i have 4.7gb to fit 2hr30min's... is this possible without the footage looking rubbish? i filmed it on an canon xm1 and the qualitys good but its not clear like an hd camera so can't lose too much quality...

    hope some one can help

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    You need to set the encoding rates on the DVD encoder to the correct settings, I guess about 3 1/2 - 4mbs,use VBR and AC3 sound to get max space for video

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    Or create the over sized ISO, then run it through DVDshrink.

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