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    I recently filmed my own wedding with my fathers camera and Tripod and thought I had it all set up correctly and in my ignorance when we watched it back didn't realise that the night vision button was left on! Now we all have a green glow which I find amusing but my new wife doesn't! Are there any places you can get it corrected?

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    Yes, nearly any sort of restoration can be done but it would be cheaper to get a divorce.

    Without seeing a sample of the video I couldn't really say what could economically be done.

    Good luck

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    What sort of editing setup can you get your hands on??? In Sony Vegas you have a myriad of colour correction tools. Getting a pro to do it might be expensive but then again a divorce would cost even more.

    Definately grab a still frame from the video and let the experts here decide whether it can be salvaged or not!!


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    I doubt anything could bring night vision into anything resembling normal. If it could I'm sure NATO would have a simple headset convertor for the troops by now
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    Well short of sending it to Lucas film's FX people you're ****ed.
    The only thing I can think may salvage it is to convert to B&W, then try and get a reasonable looking 'tone' to it using a shade of say, sepia. Very much a case of "suck it and see" though. Good luck!

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    Have to agree with Archie, you are basically screwed having the video recorded with that green colour in it. I did a negative back to normal look on a tape about 2 years ago so there was a way out for that but for nightvision I doubt it. Try Archies idea and hope for the best, but trying to get the full colour back again sounds like it is impossible.

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