Ok, may be the wrong section, but it had audio in the title so i figured here was the best place...........

I have a 24 minute TV slot to fill, Motorsport one, and i am looking for some music to use for highlights, basically the show will be a few minutes of highight, interview, more highlights, interview etc etc

anyway, ive looked at all the Royalty free stuff and i cant find anything that sound good, its all just cheap sounding stuff that i could do myself if i spent less than 50 on a music maker program, which doesnt make you want to buy the stuff

And this TV slot is being done as a sort of 'Preview' with a view to a regular thing next year, so theres no budget for music in it

So basically i thought i could see if there were any Unsigned artists out there that would welcome having some of their stuff on TV with full credit etc of course

Ideally some kind of Offspring / Greenday / american style stuff would be good, but i guess some non-cheesy dance stuff could work

Ideally with minimal vocals on most of it, and any vocal have to be clean

If you know a band / artist that fits the bill please let me know

I know its a long shot, and hard to get anything for free these days, but worth asking i feel