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    Hi there, some of you may recognise my other username (torby...) I've had to register as whin bush as my a/c seems to be locked for some reason.

    I'm quickly trying to get a "ball park" figure for a job...details are...

    2 camera shoot at 3 different locations spread over 5 days with over 150 miles between locations, it will involve 3 nights away (so accomodation required) all the subsequent editing and authoring to DVD will be done by us as well.

    Quick brief details, filming two sporting legends with their own piece to camera, then voxpops, then different location to film them with their own teams how they manage them, train them etc, then filming them as sporting legends running training sessions for kids.

    Plus various interviews with players and managers, splicing in mainstream tv footage of their achievements etc.

    The final DVD project will be expected to be in the region of 110 minutes.

    I have my own ideas of cost (Ive factored in we'll have to hire radio mic packages, additional lighting, transportation costs, extra staff...probably two men etc)

    I know a good few of you on here will have done similar sized shoots...bearing in mind our last DVD was a 15 track music one shot over two days where the artist lip synced, came in at just under 2k...this is a whole new ball its to a seriously strict schedule, filming and editing...

    after the shoot, the final edit will need to be ready in 15 days to produce a glass master....added to this the added stress that the "director" and "producer" (and I use the terms loosely) will want to have their own creative input.

    As this is new ground for us...any ballpark figures will be welcome....although I have a feeling we may have to hand over to an independant production crew better versed in this type of

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    I think you should seriously consider hiring in a couple of pro camera teams. I mean really pro, not some schoolkids or students who want to earn a few quid. It will cost a fair bit but you will save time in the edit and know that the footage shouldn't need tweaking in post. The sound levels will also be roughly right so you shouldn't need to work on them either.

    Give your regional BBC or ITV a ring, they'll have a list of teams which they use and the prices vary depending on which part of the UK you're in. Don't pick a team from Mandy's or any online directory, you get a lot of bullshitters on t'internet.

    Failing that, your local rental house will know who the local broadcast lads (and lasses) are and should be able to help out.

    I wouldn't outsource everything to a production company, if you get good raw material and you're experienced in editiing you're well on the right track, the hotel booking, organisation etc is just a question of thinking things through.

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    useful advice thanks for that Gaffer

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