Hello all.

I am a complete newbie to this industry and need some advice on a few matters.

I need to film & edit footage to a proffesional standard for a project I am soon to be working on.

So far I have recieved the following advice on what to buy/use:

- Sony Z1 Camcorder
- Apple Final Cut Pro Editing Software
- Mac Computer to use Final Cut pro software.

Could anyone advise me if I have been recommended reasonable good equipment that will enable me to film & edit footware to a relatively proffesional standard? Also if you know of any companies with reasonable/cheaper prices, if you could let me know who they are, that would be great.

One other point is what the filming would be stored on. Excuse my complete lack of knowledge, but some of the adverts for Sony Z1 camcorders state that the footage is recorded on to cassette tapes still? Im sure with technology, surely footage is now stored directly on to some type of memory card as opposed to recording on to a tape???

If you could give me some helpful advice and tips on the above subjects, I would be more than grateful.

Excuse my complete lack of knowledge, but we all have to start somewhere!