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    Hi I am really sorry to post this here as it may be in the wrong section but i am really stuck with this. I have a music video and i want to burn it onto a CD, the only problem being its a video and not just a song. Do you know any way i can get rid of the video and just use the sound?, i have tried converting the video to an MP3 format however it doesnt work so any help is greatly appreciated.

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    There is a free download program called Any Video Converter (Google it). It will take out the video aspect and leave the sound. You can save it as a .wav, mp3 etc.

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    Do you have a video editing program? You need a program that can display the video and audio track on the timeline and you need to be able to separate or unlock them from each other. A program such as Adobe Premiere Elements 7 or Sony Vegas Platinum 9 can do that and you can download a 30 day trial of each one. When you separate each track, click on the video track and delete it, then render the remaining audio track as an audio file in the settings. Untick the Save Video or Render Video as you have no video to render, just audio.

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