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    Default REVIEW: The Ultimate Matrix Collection

    Ah, The Matrix.

    I rember when I first saw that film. I was so confused I had to watch it again to understand what anyone in the film was saying. (Maybe that was some kind of market ploy.) Ether way even if I understood it or not it was a great film. The Matrix Reloaded, maybe not as good as the first one but certainly good for a sequel. Once in ever one thousand films I see there is at least one where the ending confuses me so badly I don't even understand the trilogy any more. The Matrix Revolutions had that power.
    Never the less though a great film.

    So when I heard all these films where out on a 10 disk box set with 35 hours of bonus features (Yes 35 HOURS) I was quite optimistic. And surely it does empress, but it isn't just features and three quite epic films theres also THE ANIMATRIX

    This has to be my favoute disk nine short anime films all made by anime gods and legends. This also includes features but not as long and winding as the real films.


    This is a great boxset that includes great films, great features and most importantly, great fun.
    I made a short 12 second Bullet-Time piece for fun so I might as well show it off. COMING SOON. The Making Of Short 12 Second Bullet Time That realy dosn't meen anything at all. QUICKTIME FORMAT

    Morga Out...

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    Sorry, I can't upload the file.

    Maybe thats for the best...

    Morga Really Out...

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