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    Greetings, probably a simple solution to you Vegas connoisseurs, could someone advise me how to hide the title momentarily (please see photo at link) until the text is wound onto the blackboard by the clown?

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    10/10 for creative sideways thinking . . .

    You want a simple solution? Is that your question? OR is it you want to hide whatever?

    My simple solution is NOT to use a transition. But as you are, first off I can see a NOTCH on the upper text event which implies you are in fact REPEATING the event - again. You are in the awful spiral of "Vegas option-mix"! Vegas has so many options that we regularly see people coming up with "solution" that eventually result in a cat's cradle of activity that slowly draws them into this complex maelstrom of having to unknot spaghetti!

    Really? Honestly - I'd start over.

    1] Clown on Track1

    2] Bezier Mask out the Black board - dead easy!

    3] Place Text on Track2 and THEN use placement on the text tab to have the Text move nicely into position. You could even HOLD the text in place or have it judder upwards . ..

    oh yeah, I'd have a squeaky wheel sound as the Clown turned the handle!!!

    I'm almost tempted to invite you to send me the graphics and I'd give you the veg back! This ways you WILL have a veg to keep going with.

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    If you want it - I've done it AND in VEgas8!

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    Grazie what I am trying to achieve is when the clown winds the handle the 2nd lot of text comes around from the bottom of the blackboard, not the bottom of the picture!
    I have uploaded a (low quality) sample, about 4MB at this link.
    Soon as you see it you will know what I mean!

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    The Website wants me to signup. Nope .. .

    But I kinda understand wht you are doing. I have the VEG file for you. Put on the open as a V8 project and play the whole thing! - I'll think you'll like it . ..
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    Nicely done Grazie, I achieved my objective using the cookie cutter & the 'pushup' transition and I was well pleased with the results, I have to admit it was more to do with luck than judgement!
    The text ran from the bottom of the page to the top, by using the cookie cutter the text was made invisible at the bottom half of the picture but appeared from the bottom of the blackboard as the clown turned the handle.
    The order may seem a bit weird, text on track 1, 2 & 3 and the video on track 4 & audio on track 5 but it worked!

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