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    Hi all
    probably a silly question

    I am new here, and dont know much about proper video work.
    But i have a problem with some videos.

    I recently bought a canon hg10, which i am very pleased with, gives the quality io want.

    I extracted the video files from the camera, put them together in a trial version of Corel video studio 12.

    uploaded it to youtube and youtube doesnt like it, it has slowed it down to half speed, and the sound has been mullered
    [ame=]YouTube - Members running day at GMES- no sound :([/ame]
    I realise that the music doesnt help with the sound problem when explaining! i put it on before i realised.
    however, same problem here [ame=]YouTube - Canon HG10 test[/ame]

    Some body mentioned somthing about youtube not likely my codec..
    (i have no idea what that is, or how to change it if you can. )
    It works fine on Vimeo.



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    Youtube slowing a video down to half speed is a new one to me, I've never seen that before and can't offer an explanation for it, maybe someone else can. In the second clip the video is playing alright, the sound track is the problem. Use either AAC or MP3 in the audio settings and that should sort it out. I tend to use AAC and haven't had any problems with it. Set it to 16 Bit, 128Kb for voice and 256Kb for music, and 44.100 hz in the other boxes in the audio settings.

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    thanks for the help.
    i shall give it atry

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    What ever you did for the Jennifer in the dark video I would recomend you do the same as this seems ok

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    that way seem the best.
    I saved it as PAL DVD (16:9 Dolby digital 5.1) instead of AVCHD
    The downsides to it, are
    1) the quality isnt at its best.
    2) the audio comes out one speaker more than the other.

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    That might solve if you just save it with normal stereo sound rather than 5.1

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    fixed the stereo problem now i tink.
    thanks for the help
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