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    Hello there, I am using Magix Movie 15, i editing a 30 min movie for a friend, finished product will go on a dvd. However, i cannot get any good quality from my export. The original footage is dv and i am editing the .vobs and .avis that they gave me. which the quality is not that great to begin with but when i compile the movie it just gets worse.

    I have tried: .avi (multiple codecs) and even tried to bump res to 720
    I have tried: mpeg

    i have pushed bit-rates ups and fps nothing seems to help.

    anyone want to break this down for me?

    I just want to know how I can create the same quality from the clips that i am editing.

    thank you!

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    I wish I could give you a definitive answer. I was having a similar problem yesterday when trying a new piece of software. I found out that I was exporting the rendered working files which were at a much reduced quality. So I deleted all these files and the end result was as good as the captured video.

    I am not familiar with your software so I don't really know if this could be a solution for you.

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    You say your footage is from a mini dv camcorder, where did you get the vobs from? It sounds like a quality problem, what is the data rate and codec you are using in your export settings? I haven't used your software either so I can only give you general advice. You say the quality is not that good to begin with, are you expecting it to be better when you make your dvd?

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    I would like the quality to be just as good as the source files. i just get real heavy pixelation in my final compiled movie.

    Source files: .vobs and .avi from a dv source 4x3

    What i tried last night: .avi, (not sure on codex, i used a popular one) 720 res with 4x3 ratio compiled for 8 hours... and i got a pixelated nightmare when i was finished.

    What combos should i use?

    I read that if i am going to DVD, i should use mpg2.. any truth to this?


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    You haven't said where you got the vob files from, they didn't come from a mini dv camcorder, they would have come from a mini dvd camcorder - which are low quality to start with, so you can't do anything to improve them. You didn't say what the data rate is so until you do there is nothing I can suggest. 720 is not the resolution, it is the width in pixels of mini dv video, the resolution is 72 dpi, if that's what you mean. Yes, mpeg2 is correct to use when making a dvd, just set the data rate to 8000Kb/s in the settings dialogue box.

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    sorry about my newbness. but i am trying to get the info, i am editing this for a friend's project and he only gave me the dvd of this which i took the .vobs i am assuming he took the files from his camera (which i am finding out the exact format) then put them into an editor and made a dvd from there.

    So let me get this straight: exported movie format is dependent on source format?

    Can someone give me the jist of this whole thing and leave the specifics out? i have been editing for about a year now and have not ran into this problem yet. I am not looking for my finished project to be better than my source, i am just not happy with the HUGE drop in quality when i compile the project.

    thanks again!

    source is a mix of .vob and .avi

    export options are: .avi, uncompressed avi, mpeg2 and 4, .wmv and each of those has a shitload of options.

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    Generally speaking just as with sound or pictures the quality of the source material will deteriorate a little every time the file is re-encoded after editing. This should not be very noticeable except after many generations. Like what has already been said the 720 option is about the size or dimensions of the image for example a normal standard definition 4:3 ratio video is 720 x 576 pixels. A wide-screen HD picture would be 1440 x 1080.

    One of the big things that determines the quality of the image is the bit rate generally speaking the higher the bit rate the better the quality of the image but also the larger the file so you can't always go over the top with this. Finally the quality of the codec can determine the overall quality of the image. Using something common like Divx is ok but just ok. You will have to do your own research on codex (Google is your friend) to find out the better ones.

    As for your particular problem I don't know what else to ask you to establish what is going wrong for you.

    Hope this is of some help.

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