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    Default Home Computing Initiatives

    I've just "bought" a new PC using this scheme. Being a higher rate tax payer the advantages are brilliant.

    It seems that it is a little known government scheme. It gives advantages to both the employer and employee, so win, win all round.

    Athlon XP2000, 750 mb, 2nd hard drive on order (200gb), Pinnacle DV500 DVD, Adobe Premier 6.5 and lots of other sofware that came with the Pinnacle board.

    Panasonic NV-GS400

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    We've recerntly had a round of this at work (Fujitsu). I think the idea is great and a number of my colleagues sat at home all day waiting for thier new boxes.

    It's true though, the more tax you pay the more you save with this scheme. Quite a first really.

    Two reasons why i didn't take them up on it though....

    1) I bought a new, custom built, rig earlier in the year; and
    2) They were all standard off-the-shelf boxes available, no custom builds available.

    But even though I chose not to (sounding all too negative about it all) I would recommend everyone readin this in the UK to look into this scheme if you're thinking about a new box.

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