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    Hey all,

    This is just a teaser trailer for a short I'm working on at the moment (as producer). We are shooting in November and just wanted to put something out there. The scream at the end was kindly donated to the production by my girlfriend! The film itself is a mixture of The Ring and Videodrome.

    [ame=]YouTube - Vision - Teaser Trailer[/ame]


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    Well if the movie is half as scary as the trailer I'll have to watch it from behind the sofa. Really good trailer.

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    I liked that trailer, as you say it does have the influence of other movies on it. I think though you have changed it enough to make it your own. Time spent on title sequences is a big plus in my book, other's may disagree, but it certainly shows here. Looking forward to the movie when it comes out.

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    Yep Mr Hooper is certainly getting very proficient with FCP and whatever other software he might be using. Looks really great. Exactly what's expected of a horror/thriller in today's market.

    One criticism: I like the font but you really need to monitor/adjust the kerning (different spacing between different letters). Just pause and look at the "COMING SOON". All the letters are spaced evenly and it looks like COM I NG SOON. A sure sign of someone who's come to titling from computers rather than a traditional design/print world.

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    Thank you all for the comments!

    Tim - I hadn't actually noticed the uneven spacing on Coming Soon but now it sticks out like a sore thumb!

    Looking forward to filming this but will have to wait until Nov before we can begin. Also working on another short film which is completely different to Vision, a dark drama called 'Dancer'. Hope to have some of that up soon as well. You've probably seen some the pictures on facebook Tim!
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    The trailer certainly looks professional so well done there. I have to confess though that trailers like this annoy me a little because they show nothing about what the film is about. I appreciate you have not shot the film yet so therefore there is no footage to show. I didnt notice the spacing issue with the title but then again I have no experience in that industry. I enjoy the odd horror film but cannot profess to be a fan which perhaps explains why the finer points of this one are lost on me.

    Top blooming marks for the scream though. If she ever pulls one of those in public on you then the police are going to be all over you.

    All the best for the film.

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    Bits of Hitchcock, The Omen, Psyco and scream Again.
    Nicely put together Jamie...Looking forward to the movie.

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