I'm a total newbe, so please excuse my ignorance.

I've got a half-hour long video I'd like to trim down to 3 minutes. Just a simple cut-off the beginning and cut-off the end.

The video is in a .VOB file on my hard drive.

VLC on Windows XP will play it fine.

Changing the extension to either .MPG or .MPEG also lets VLC play it.

Windows Media Player of course won't play the .VOB named one. But it will play the .MPG/.MPEG re-named one - BUT only about 11 seconds of it and then it glitches to a halt.

I get the same 11 second truncation in Adobe Premier 5.1 preview screens and timelines.

I also get the same 11 second truncation in Open Movie Editor preview screens and timelines on my Ubuntu Linix boot-up.

What is VLC doing right that all the other programs are failing to do?