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Thread: Video: The 2nd Sun - "Double the Sun, Double the Fun"

  1. Exclamation Video: The 2nd Sun - "Double the Sun, Double the Fun"

    Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    Tired From Nightfall?
    Got No Money for Lightning Electricity?

    who says we can't live at 100% 24/7 in broad day light?

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    A clever, though extremely silly concept which amused me and kept me entertained.
    There was a real mix of good and not so good in there. On the whole I think the "not so good" part is more down to your youth (or maybe my middle age) than laziness or incompetence.
    You've made a real effort to get the shots rather than just treat them as throwaways as it's a silly concept. Similarly you've acted the parts "straight" - essential in any spoof.
    The editing was pretty good with the SFX mixing with the graphics particularly worthy of praise.

    Great effort. I look forward to seeing your next film.

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    Completely crazy & completely stupid. In essence the basis of all great humour.
    We really enjoyed it.

    Sarah & Allison & Tina

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    I enjoyed your film so well done. I would have liked to see the vampire melt as the 2nd sun appeared but I guess there were just not enough light bulbs. Your ought to tell the Labour party about your invention. Gordon Brown could do with a little extra light at his gloomiest hour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimStannard View Post
    ... you've acted the parts "straight" - essential in any spoof.
    Words of wisdom which should be religeously observed by all spoof videomakers.

    Excellent video Loonieran, well shot, nice effects, good humour and not too long. Nice sound effects too.

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    Very funny and very silly, I like it! The only thing I didn't like was actually at the beginning, when we first see Greg walking down the stairs. I don't think the close-up was necessary, especially when you cut away from it so quickly. It's a little unsettling.

    Very nice though, and well done for keeping it straight

  7. Default Thanks a lot everyone...

    really appreciate it.....
    looking forward to hear more of your comments..

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