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Thread: Canon 7D time lapse

  1. Default Canon 7D time lapse

    just got the camera .....
    spotted those guys on the street corner

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike kobal View Post
    just got the camera ...
    Another one? You really go though stills cameras.

    Work for B&H do ya?

    Nice Vid. A bit samey for my liking though. Just the two positions and the people or views weren't really interesting enough to capture my attention for the whole vid. The vignette and monochrome were also a bit cliché for me. Not quite up to your normal standard... in my opinion.
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    Another excellent video and very different looking to the previous one. You must have a lot of ideas floating around in your head to come up with so many in such a short space of time. I agree with The Gaffer, it would have held my attention longer if it had more visual variety in it or even cutting to mid shots and close ups of the guys in the band. Standard fare when making a music video but then again I don't know what circumstances or pressure you were under to get the shots in the can on the day.

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    Very clever. I would have liked it more if you you could have had some of the footage in sink with the music more. I understand that would have meant perhaps a frame every 2 seconds or so. BUT all in all very creative.

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    I enjoyed the film and the track. I echo the comments regarding the wish for more variation in the shots. How long were you filming them and the junction to get that?

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    thanks guys, about 20min for each, the session with the musicians was cut short by the police. i was planning to do variations....

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    I love timelapse photography, in fact one of my videos for uni last year was a timelapse journey through my home town (where I also got stopped by police), only I did mine on a camcorder filming at 3fps (does that still count as a timelapse?).

    I guess in that sense it's not really fair to criticise your lack of variation then since it was out of your hands, but could you have shot a bit more footage elsewhere?

    There's not much to be said that hasn't been, since I agree with others sentiments that the video perhaps didn't hole my interest as long as it could have, but I did like the angle you shot the band at. Was that a fisheye lens or a wide angle lens?

    It was a nice video though, and I wanna look at your other work now to see what else you've done

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