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    So i'm a little new with Pinnacle Studio, and already i'm have aspect ratio problems. Hopefully someone here can help me:

    So i shot my video in 4:3.
    Pinnacle captured it in 4:3
    When i preview my video in the album it's 4:3
    When i place my video on the timeline it's 2.35:1 letterboxed (aspect maintained)
    When i export, the video turns out 16:9 letterboxed (aspect lost)

    So somewhere along the line, Pinnacle is taking and letterboxing my video at 2.35:1, then squishing that down to 16:9 when i export.

    Any help would be awesome thanks.

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    I didn't know Pinnacle did 2.35:1 or even what it is really. What I do know is: From the Setup menu select project preferences. In the project format area you can chose the option to "set from first clip added to project". This will keep the aspect ratio the same as you shot it on the camera when you put it on the time-line.

    Then make sure the make file settings are correct when you make your file.

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