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    Hi all,

    How strange that my last post was almost a year ago !
    Well, in the last 14 months I have tried the following :


    And Im still not happy with my vhs to dvd results :cry:
    To cut a long story short, I have just tried a standalone dvd recorder and the vhs to dvd encoding is better than anything I have tried in the above list.

    Obviously a pc is needed for full editing facilities, but I would rather get the encoding right first and worry about the pc later.

    I have just had a quick look at the Canopus advc 500 and it seems pretty comprehensive. Any comments on this and other equipment would be welcome.

    Merry xmas and a happy new year.

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    Strange that you're getting better results using a DVD recorder. I generally get equivalent quality on a DVD to match the VHS source by using:

    VHS > ADVC100 > (save as DV AVI) > Edit if needed > Encode to MPEG2 using tmpgenc Xpress
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    Hi Marc,

    Yes it is a bit weird but also very true.
    A lot of the videos I convert are over 10 years old with signal / timing loss all over the place, I have all kinds of hardware gadgets like Time base correctors, chroma keyers and standalone audio editing decks. All of which do a bang up job of correcting video and audio errors on old vhs, but when I plug into ANY of the capture devices mentioned in my first post the signal gets changed and the resulting dvd is just not good enough.

    I have spent a serious amount of hours trying a million different configurations and setups and the bottom line is that the standalone 'set top box' dvd recorder out performs the lot, and I honestly feel its dowm to the fact that the signal never enters a pc between original footage and finalised dvd.

    Im wondering if there is a standaloe dvd recorder on the market that has an inbuilt hard drive with firewire out port, and if it could store mpeg2, dv, avi it would probably answer all my problems.


    p.s. like what youve done with the site since I last visited

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    Shame that KISS don't do recorders as these have all the functions you need save recording -

    Have you looked at buying an MPEG2 capture card such as
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    Cheers Marc,

    Ive tried the canopus cards in your link and was unimpressed.
    The Kiss stuff looks good but obviously missing vital functions. The dvd recorder that I have on loan is a 'Liteon 5006 all write' and im very impressed, just took a look at their website and saw this :

    If it allows direct hard disk out to pc hard disk then im very interested as they have clearly have a good chipset for encoding. Im just about to download the manual.

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    Out of interest, what are the specs of your PC?
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    My specs are:

    P4 3.06 GHZ
    MSI 875 P NEO MOBO

    Im pretty much convinced that I want to do all my initial encoding / converting completely outside of the pc and then drag the file over to the pc for editing. After all my experiments I really do not wish to entertain using any pc for the initial 'vhs to digital' conversion.

    Like I said, im so impressed with this standalone unit that it really has made my mind up.

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