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Thread: My extreme unicycling video (feedback please?)

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    Default My extreme unicycling video (feedback please?)

    I am an extreme unicyclist and I made this video with me and my brother in it riding down at the city. I would like feedback on this video as to what you like about it, dislike about it and how it can be improved. Thanks.

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    It just managed to keep my interest until the end which is mote than I can say for most "street sports" type videos.
    I loved the opening title shot.
    You clearlt recognise the need to have some type of narrative because you top & tail with the railway journey to/from the location.
    Unfortunately the collection of shots of tricks (which were impressive tricks by the way) doesn't really have any narrative feel - there's no real progression. And I don't know what you can do about that - it's a problem with these types of film. A few options are : progressively more difficult tricks, progress through the day (longer shadows, sunsetting etc), progress thorugh different locations.
    My main criticism would be that many of the shots of the stunts were poorly frames - they showed the unicycle but cut the rider off at the neck or halfway up his head.

    This may be OK for an instructional video (I'm not saying it IS, just maybe) but is certainly not for a more general audience.

    I'd suggest you should show full cycle & rider and mix in closeups of cycle (just the wheel/feet) and, most importantly, the rider's face. Let's ee concentration, reaction, determination.

    Hope that helps.

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