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Thread: pause on timeline??

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    Default pause on timeline??

    Anybody know how to introduce a pause on the timeline in VideoStudio SE?????

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    Quote Originally Posted by rasser View Post
    Anybody know how to introduce a pause on the timeline in VideoStudio SE?????
    You mean like take a capture and hold it for a couple of seconds ?

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    Yea like when your running your picture and you want to pause it on a frame for a few seconds

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    It's very easy just capture the frame you want and put it on the time line as a title and hold it as long as you like.

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    Yea but how do you hold it??

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    Move the playhead to the frame you want to hold, take a snapshot of it and save it to the hard disk. Then locate the file and import it into the timeline. Place it at the end of the clip and either right mouse click on it and select the duration or move the mouse pointer over the right edge and drag the image out to whatever length of time you want, let's say 5 seconds. Then continue with another video clip on the timeline.

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    Basically what i want to do is have a black screen with text animating in and out then for the video footage to start but when i drag text in it goes into the text part of the timeline and becomes an overlay of the video footage.
    How do i have just the titles with blank screen and then for the video to start. I cant move the video footage up the timeline so it will start after the title.

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