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Thread: Mpeg2 vs Windows media Mpegs too big/ Why?

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    Default Mpeg2 vs Windows media Mpegs too big/ Why?

    I have Vegas Video, and am currently rendering
    as Windows media audio/video files.

    They are coming out great, and still very small size.

    I finally got registered to render Mpeg2. The problem im
    having is, the Mpeg's are coming out much larger.

    About 10x bigger. And they dont seem to look as good.

    Any ideas about what i'm doing wrong? I've tried
    changing the custom settings, but they arent as
    straightforward as the Window media custom properties are.

    Any particular bit rates i need to know about?

    I'm familiar with audio compresion. But there are a million
    settings for Mpeg it seems.

    Thanks for any advice,
    Todd K

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    I wouldn't worry about MPEG2 unless you are intending to make a DVD.
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    MPEG 2 is purely designed for DVD production. They may not look as good as it will be interlaced (not progressive scan) so you will see the fields flickering. If you get a good mpeg 2 player it will intergrate these two fields and make the playback seem a lot smoother.

    It really depends on what you intend to do with the video. I would only use mpeg 2 for dvd production. Stick with WMV or AVI or Mpeg1 for use on computer or internet as you can get smaller files.

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    if you need to do mpeg-2, and you should only be doing it for svcd or dvd, as mentioned above, then remember to do a 2-pass (or more if possible) vbr encode, and use all the available space on your end medium, for optimum bitrates.

    also, what bitrate/format are you outputting the audio as with your final mpeg2? if you're using uncompressed pcm, that'll be the reason the files are so big. mpeg2 will be bigger than anything else anyway, but not bigger AND worse quality.
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