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Thread: My first video - Drift display

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    Default My first video - Drift display

    This is my first proper effort and doing a video using Vegas 7.0 - by no means a masterpiece. The video took me a few hours to throw together which is probably telling whilst looking at it.

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    I liked the video over all and I thought the music fitted well. (I like that song) You did really well to get the closeup shots. Perhaps a few to many angled shots for my taste. and it would have been nice to see some use of a tripod BUT over all I thought it was good for a "first proper effort".

    I think over time you will learn better camera techniques and how to do tighter editing but I am not an expert so I will leave that part of the critique to those who are.

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    Yeah a few of my friends told me off for too many angled shots - i do this alot in my photography aswell :S

    Thanks alot for the feedback though, means alot

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