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Thread: Setting up for Vegas Movie Studio 9

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    Default Setting up for Vegas Movie Studio 9


    I just aquired VMS Platium Pro Pack and is now wondering if I shall install it on my labtop or my older desktop. I have put more RAM on my desktop but read that in fact the CPU is the main thing when running VMS (Sony Creative Software - Forums - Vegas Movie Studio Messages).

    • Labtop Acer Intel Core duo 2.26 gHz / 4 GB ram/ Geforce 9300 GS 256 Ram / Vista Pro
    • Desktop HP Pavilion Intel Pentium 4, 3gHz / 3 GB ram / GeForce 6200 / XP home

    1. Will the laptop be significant better for editing?
    2. The thing is that my laptop does not have firewire and I use DV tapes . I could then capture on my desktop - with an old Premiere or MovieMaker an then move the files to my labtop. Is it a problem to capture in another program and edit in VMS?
    3. If I choose to change computer or buy a new one, can I then easily move VMS and the license to my new computer?

    Appreciate to hear your advice to the situation
    / Regards Zimmerman
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    Coincidence? I make a Bob Dylan reference in one of my posts then the next one I read is by someone going under the name Zimmerman. Spooky.

    I would expect the laptop to be better, though this may be offeset by the fact it's running Vista.

    Thing is, you could load it onto both and see how it goes. You are actually entitled under the licence terms to have copies on more than one PC SO LONG AS you do not run them both at the same time.

    Transferring the licence from one PC to another is not an issue. Whilst it's activated over the internet, it basically appears to be done on trust.

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    Thanks Tim,

    Good to hear that Ill be able to install it on both machines - if needed. What might the trouble be with Vista?

    Do you see any problem in capturing on one and tranfering the files to the other?

    / Zimmerman

    I had to search for a Dylan quote with "coincidence". In fact I found a good one: "Take what you have gathered from coincidence". (Its all Over Now Baby Blue)

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    I've used Sony Vegas Platinum 9 and Professional 9 recently to capture using Vista Pro and haven't encountered any problems. Having said that, I would go with the Pentium 4, the 3 gigs of Ram and 3 ghz cpu instead.

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