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Thread: Need some help from directors, producers, or anyone in that field

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    Exclamation Need some help from directors, producers, or anyone in that field

    Hello everyone,

    Any help I can get on this is very much appreciated

    My fiancé is a director, and I was looking to surprise him with a nice personalized gift for our anniversary, only problem is I know nothing whatsoever when it comes to the whole film industry world, but I was thinking of buying him a personalized director's chair, do you have any idea where I could order it from? I need some secure and reliable websites that would ship to the UK and Switzerland. Also if you know any reliable websites that sell other stuff related to film making and directing, could be anything from gift baskets to t-shirts to mugs and so on ..

    If you have any better ideas they're most welcome!

    I really appreciate your help, and thank you very much in advance!!


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    Is this the sort of thing. CLICK HERE

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    Yes THANK YOU!!!

    do you recommend any other gift ideas?!


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    You know your husband better than I do.

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    I was just wondering what are the things that interest directors the most, gift wise

    Thank you so much


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    i once saw a fake clapper board with a clock on it.

    what type of director is he? is he a real director, you know standback type or a hands on one always trying to look throught he lense only to get told off.

    i like the chair idea though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Is this the sort of thing. CLICK HERE
    Wow! I need one of those myself (ego inflating).

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