Hi Guys,

Really struggling to decide on a camera. Im moving to the mountains to run a photo/video company for hire and im really struggling to make a decision on which camera to get. The decision is between the Canon Vaxia HF S11 (or similar) which uses an internal HD or go for a second hand Sony HDV FX1E which uses tapes.

After each day I'll need to load the footage on and get rid of all the crap and put the kept clips onto a disc. Obviously with a solid state HD I can drag and drop the information but with a tape I have to capture in real time.

The tape is better quality and the camera itself is better but its more time consuming.

I hope to be working for companies too which would have less time requirements and they would prefer the Sony. Its really the time constraints on day to day use. Its also quite old now and I might lose the market to sell it too in a year if I want to upgrade.

If anyone has any thoughts please let me know.