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Thread: Capture from analog sources (VHS or TV)

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    Default Capture from analog sources (VHS or TV)

    I'm asking a question on behalf of a non-tech-savvy-friend who wants to record TV programs for two purposes:

    - to loan to friends
    - to archive long-term

    She has been using VHS tapes, but wants to switch to digital for two reasons:

    - no longer worry about future support for VHS
    - able to edit video

    If she switches to digital, she will be capturing her current VHS tape collection. So ultimately she would be capturing from two analog sources:

    - VHS tapes

    - TV programs.

    Most of these are on cable TV, and they may have some sort of copy protection on them. Usually she will save them on her DVR first, then play back the DVR into the capture device.

    I am looking at USB capture devices for her Windows XP computer. I have the following issues and concerns:

    - I would like a USB capture device to have quality equivalent to VHS SP mode

    - I want to make sure it won't be slowed down too much by an older processor (her computer is something like 4 years old).

    - I am concerned that copy protection will prevent it from functioning. I am not really familiar with types of copy protection in the digital or analog domains.

    - Finally, I would like a solution for her that is fairly worry-free. It should "just work" without a lot of quirky behavior or headaches.

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    Check out my post in this thread it may help.


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