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    I am building my wedding video business and have recently being doing alot of work on my web site, including promotional videos. Before this web site I had zero knowledge on building web sites. I used mr site software as many people who also are not site building pros have recommended it. It can be tricky to do certain things but I have to say its pretty easy to get something resonable looking online. Anyway any feedback would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Adam

    I like it! it's to the point and covers all the essentials. I really hate sites that offer you the "best wedding masterpiece ever" and then you have to email for prices!!! The idea that the bride can make a decision to book you before even talking to you is good!! Most of my brides book before I even meet them!!

    Just one thing...if you have a special then don't say "limited offer" ... put in an actual offer ending date "Book before 31/10 and get half off" is better otherwise they think that your prices have just been elevated to make it look like a special offer.

    I find that my "Pitfalls to Avoid" on my site is very popular with brides are more than welcome to steal any ideas if you need to!!!
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    Thanks alot Chris, I really appreciate your feedback and completely agree with the limited offer part.


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    kally003 your points are true and valid but nothing to do with the original question.

    i have noticed on other post by you that you seem be making similar unrelated statements.

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    like your design and layout!

    so much is it earning?

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    Great website!!

    You said youre an amateur!!

    When I clicked the link I was looking only with one eye and had my mouse on the close window button.

    I am a web programmer and was ready to offer my services but you really dont need them.

    Congrats if you did that yourself. You could start a business to build websites )

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    Thanks for the positive feedback, I am currently learning Adobe Dreamweaver so I will be able to make it better in the future. I have had quite a lot of enquiries through my web site and after reading a book on SEO and trying to follow what I learned I am now on the first page of google results for the search ' wedding video edinburgh' the city where I am based. It has taken almost a year of playing around but the site is becoming more valuable to me in terms of finding business, the higher it ranks in the searches the more enquiries I get.


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