I keen user of video but not in the professional sense. I have a Canon HF 100 Vixia which I use to make my videos which I have for my Blogging and Podcasting.

One of my podcasts is relevant here and is called Video 20 Questions.

Some of the interviewees have professional broadcast quality cameras and will be using the top Pro applications to edit the resulting video. On the other end I will be talking to the person that wants to make some funny videos of their friend getting kicked in the nuts for YouTube.

The idea is to have the full range possible and you never know we could all improve our video knowledge and skills. We can talk about codecs to use to get the best quality, or to get the best compression, and which is the best way to get a good compromise between size of file and quality.
I have 20 questions that I will ask and over time they will evolve to get the best information from the featured guests. I may have to use different sets of questions depending on the level of*skill and knowledge of the guest.

If you want to be featured on the podcast contact me. Of course question 20 is “Tell me about your web site ” and that is your chance to tell the world about your website or product, with links to it in the show notes for the episode.