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Thread: 'Ken Burns' style stills montage?

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    Question 'Ken Burns' style stills montage?

    Hi guys,
    Im looking to create a 'Ken Burns' style (panning and zooming) montage sequence from still images I have (newspaper clippings).
    I dont own this program yet, tho this is the one Im going to go with since I heard its the best, so I am a total beginer. Would I be better off buying Flash?
    So I wondered if anyone here could point me to any resources / tutorials that might help me create this style sequence.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance, Karl.

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    AFAIAK Flash is a way to encode a finished edited piece to a small, but high quality file.

    To do the Ken Burns thing then Vegas is a perfect choice.

    However if you get Vegas then you ALSO get a way to produce small, delivery files.


    A] Flash for encoding to a delivery format.
    B] Vegas for Editing (KB Effect) and encoding.

    I think you need to do some more reading & research.

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    Thanks for the reply, I was refering to Flash animation.

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    All the tools you will need for "Ken Burns" style are in Vegas Movie Studio - the cheapest version. Indeed there's nothing in the Pro Version (or Platinum or other versions) which would give you anything more for this particular type of film.

    Download a 30 day fully functional free trial.
    Look up and play with the following in the intreactive tutorials, help file and manuals (downloadable)
    Importing Media and/or still images
    Pan and Crop
    (and possibly) Track Motion

    You'll have usable results within an evening.

    Then look up terms like "rendering" or "outputting your movie" to turn what you see in your preview window into a finished file that others can watch.


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    Thanks alot!

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