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Coming this year, a supreme commander machinima created by Markkoh and Random Asian productions. Created by Markkoh. Directed and edited by Markkoh.


Norman Markkoh

Dave Tori Kamal

Stan Markkoh

Philip Tori Kamal

Shamus Driftor

Set in events between Supreme commander and Forged Alliance, The Bots tells the story of two Bots- Norman (Markkoh) and Dave (Tori Kamal)- trying to get on with their lives on the far flung outpost of Sigma five. Living with their incompetent and sensitive commander Stan (Markkoh), the Questionable homosexual Philip (Tori Kamal) and the annoying and shameless Shamus (Driftor) everyday in the life of Norman and Dave is a struggle.

That is until one day, when everything they know changes.