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Thread: Problem connecting JVC GR-D70U to PC to upload movies

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    Default Problem connecting JVC GR-D70U to PC to upload movies

    I have a Belkin firewire 3 port pci card in my computer. The firewire card is showing up in device manager as working properly. I have a JVC GR-D70U camcorder attached (through the DV connection on the camcorder) to the pc with a firewire cable but I cannot get studio DV, or four other software programs to recognize the camcorder. I keep getting error messages that no camcorder is attached or initialized, etc. Am I missing something simple? Camcorder is set to play mode and is clearly turned on. Any help for this neophyte would be appreciated.!


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    For some bizarre reason you can disable the DV port on a lot of camcorders. I would check that this is enabled (usually through an on screen menu somewhere). It's a long shot but won't take a couple of mins to at least check it.

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