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Thread: Lighting a dance sequence, Help !

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    Red face Lighting a dance sequence, Help !

    It's my first proper short film. I have to shoot a dance sequence and don't know the best way to light it. The look I'm after is a large dark space with invisible light source. Another problem is I only have two pairs of lights. It is a shot of a single dancer doing freestyle stuff. I was thinking of having a smoke machine but that may be going over the top.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would suggest keeping it simple. Film on a stage, camera about a third of the way back in the auditorium, on a platform if necessary. You want to be at the eye-level of the dancer. Only two lights or two pairs (ie 4 lights)? A light on either side of the dancer, quite far away in the wings, camera at the front, black curtain behind, flags to keep as much light as possible off the stage floor and the background... Job done.

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    That's a good idea I never thought of shooting the scene on a stage so I could hide the lights in the wings. One idea I had was to have a strong back light placed low down so they won't be visible if I shoot at eye level. Then have the fill and key light behind the camera.

    I have no actual experience lighting a set just theories in my head. These may or may not work on film (Video). So along with learning a new camera, how to chose and use new editing software. Maybe new PC if needed. Learning how to get the best out of the talent etc..... Oh my god what have I got my self into. lol

    As this scene is supposed to be happening in someones mind I wanted it to not have any sense of a real location. This was why I was thinking of having a smoke machine.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer. Any other ideas anyone ?

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