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    Heres the short version. Me and the wife started a company that does promotional work for profesional wrestlers on the indy circuts. One of the feds we are curently working with are planning on buying a titantron and want us to make the videos for the individual wrestlers. If you have watched wrestling in the last decade or so then you already know what im looking at doing in general. However up untill now the extent of our dvd work has been with windows movie maker and some freeware programs. any sugestions for good programs to do a little more in-depth editing to begin with? I'll need to add text in some spots, and effects like slo motion and coloring... all that kind of jazz.

    thanks in advance =)

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    I would recommend trying out a few of the trail download editing programs that are available at the moment. So you can see which one you feel most comfortable with and will fit your needs the best. You can purchase some resonable software for around $50/$60

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